Celtic Hair Stakes

Celtic Hair Stakes


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I divine a great future for the person that buys the Celtic inspired hair stakes.   Alright in all seriousness these for your spiritual side.  Have fun, look good, and center yourself.

The Total Length is 13.5" long (length of sticks and tassel)
The stick is 9" long, it's enameled black with a gold fan design at the top
The bobbles are a high low style.  That means one bobble is longer than the other.  The "short" bobble is about 3.5" long and is comprised of 3 beads, 2 charms, and a 10mm Gold-tone Star link.  The "long" bobble is about 4.75" long ans is comprised of 3 beads, 1 Charm and one 1 3/8" long tassel.
Beads- Both bobbles have the same 3 beads just in different positions.  There is a 16mm glass Bright Green hexagon, a 7mm glass Gold twisted and faceted round, and a Dark Emerald Green transparent acrylic rhombus
Charms- are made from Thermoplastic: One stick has a Heart and 3 Leaf Celtic Knot and a Bag and Runes.  The other stick has a Round Celtic Knot and the tassel.

I over engineer theses stakes so they don't catch in your hair.  What that means in detail is I counter sink the eyelet into the stick so there is no gap for your hair to get caught, for added security I E6000 the eyelet into place.  The Bobble and Stick are connected with a split-ring; basically a miniature key-ring, once again so there is no were for your hair to get caught.  And I wire wrap the beads and charms together.  All this means that your hair should not get caught in the charms.  It also means that it is very securely put together.