Hetalia Inspired Earrings (Italy)

Hetalia Inspired Earrings (Italy)

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Oh the giggles these are Hetalia inspired earrings representing Italy.  I just love Italy from his introduction with him claiming to be a Tomato Box Fairy, his love of Pasta, always flirting with the lady's, and his belief that waving a white flag will keep him from getting hurt or maybe it's just his only way of dealing with conflict. I have incorporated all those aspects into these earrings.  Both pairs of earrings have the Italian flag in a heart shape and Pasta charms one side says "I'm A Tomato Box Fairy" and the other side reads "Waive A White Flag" (see note at bottom).  Hope you get as much enjoyment out of these earrings as I did in making them.  Each charm is individually hand drawn by me.  Since they are a hand-made product each charm will be just a little different.

These supper light weight earrings are 3 1/4 inches long and 5/8 inch wide
At the top is a Siam Red faceted 10x8mm glass bead 
There are 3 charm shapes a Heart, Moroccan Window, and Pasta (I use my CAD system to cut them out) and I hand Inked each charm.
    The Heart charm is 3/4 inch tall by 1/2 inch wide and about 2mm thick
    The Moroccan Window charm is 3/4 inch tall by 5/8 inch wide and about 2mm thick
    The Pasta charm is 1 1/8 inch tall by 3/8 inch wide and about 2mm thick
They hang from surgical stainless steel french hooks

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You can order more than what is in stock of this product.  It will simply take more time to get to you since I will need to make it.

Artists Note:  So I am sure some of you are looking at the earrings and thinking to your self; "That is not how you spell wave", and you would be correct.  It was however how it was spelled in the Manga I read.  I debated for a while if it should be spelled correctly or how it was in the manga and I landed on the side of the manga.  If you are like several of my friend who it bugs to no end that the spelling is incorrect just add the comment at check-out that you would like the charm changed out to one that reads "Wave A White Flag" and I will take care of that before shipping to you.  : )