Kitty Wine Recycled Mail Pendant

Kitty Wine Recycled Mail Pendant


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Learn to love Junk-Mail and go Green at the same time. These fun pendants are made from my junk-mail and other unwanted paper. I cut 16 individual pieces of paper and lacquer each together to create this fun and stylish pendant. I try to make sure the back has some of the old mail showing for fun and proof to others that it's made out of junk-mail, though sadly I failed with this one.  On the bright side you can put anything you like on the back with a paint pen... your name, favorite wine, a little heart what ever have fun.

I was having a bit of fun when I made this pendant. The top layer I well layered the background is a picture of a wine bottle label, next I have a little wine bottle, on top of that is the word(s) Perr-fect!! and finely some slightly parted lips indicating the joy and delight the wine brought. What dose this all represent? Well... I guess some one that really loves wine and likes cats. So if you love wine and cat's this is the pendant for you. It's square is 1 3/4” long including ring and hangs on a black cord. Enjoy!

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