Mahjong Earrings

Mahjong Earrings


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Mahjong is a tile game that was invented in China 300-400 years ago during the Qing dynasty.  Thanks to computers and game apps it is a game that is played world wild now.  If you are into this fun and captivating game then you should love these earrings.  No 2 pair of earrings are the same so it will be fun to see what you get.

These Mahjong tile earrings are made from plastic mahjong tiles 3/8" wide by 5/8" tall (I use plastic because it's so much lighter).  The tiles are bracketed by pewter and silver plate accent beads and hang from Surgical Stainless Steal French Hooks.  They are 2" long including the ear wires.  Each pair of earrings will have different tiles (from the ones shown in the picture to the left), but each pair will have one earring with dots and one earring with writing.

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