Purple Moon Bracelet

Purple Moon Bracelet


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One of my friends is a BIG "My Little Pony" fan and because of that and a few other things I ended up spending over 6 months trying to make a Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna pendant.  All that being said I had Nightmare Moon on my head when I was making some bracelets and this one just kind of happened.   Weather you are a big MLP fan or not hopefully you'll enjoy the purple and black/gray combination.  One of my favorite things about this bracelet is that none of the beads match.  Fun and artsy that me. 

Adjustable from 7"-8"
The 1" chain at the end allows this and it's finished off with a small star charm
Large lobster claw clasp
13 glass beads 9 of them purple of one hue or shade and 4 of them black or dark gray
15 3mm silver plate spacer beads between

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