Timey Wimey, Button

Timey Wimey, Button


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Oh look it's The Doctor!  Dr. Who?  Yes I know to cheesy, but it still makes me smile.  Hopefully this button will make you smile as well.  I set the TARDIS on top of a swirling mass of blue, purple, and white paint with a little glitter thrown into the mix to represent it flying through space.

This button is just over 1" Hexagon and is between 1/8" and 1/4" thick.  In other words a little larger than a quarter and about as thick as 2 quarters stacked together.
Very light weight
Has Copper tape around the edge
Filled with Resin
Hand Painted background color
Hand Painted / Hand-Drawn design... the design is hand-drawn on a clear film then floated inside the resin
Tack like pin at the back with a metal closure
Every individual component of this button is handmade, warped, or pored (with the exception of the pin back) so there will be variations to each piece

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You can order more of this product than what is in stock.  However I hand make each one so it will take a few extra weeks to get to you, and since each step is hand made there will be differences.