Wish-Ball, Button

Wish-Ball, Button

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According to legend you only need 7 dragon eggs to get a wish.  Cool! I have no idea what I would wish for, but a wish granted could be awesome.  Unlike most of the buttons you will find on my website this one dose not have a copper band around it.  This makes for a somewhat thinner button.  Orange* and Yellow paint swirls together for the background color while 3 stars float above.

This button is just over 1" Round and is between 1/8" and 1/4" thick
Very light weight
Filled with Resin
Hand Painted background color
Hand Painted / Hand-Drawn design... the design is hand-drawn on a clear film then floated inside the resin
Tack like pin at the back with a metal closure
Every individual component of this button is handmade, warped, or pored (with the exception of the pin back) so there will be variations to each piece

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*Note* the paint is a little sparkly witch seamed appropriate to me since the Ball has it's own life.  The sparkles help bring the color to life.

You can order more of this product than what is in stock.  Just keep in mind that it will take longer to get to you since I'll need to make them.  If you would like to have it with a copper band or more stars you'll need to contact me first.