Listed below are some things that you might like to know.


Shipping. How long dose it take to get to the Post Office really?  Generally it will take between an hour and 5 days to ship, depending on what day you place an order and if you order around a postal holiday.  On day's that I'm home I try to get any orders that come in before 3pm to the post office that day, orders that come in after 3pm will go out the next business day.  If I am away I will either have my Honey Bunny ship out your order or it will go out the first full business day that I'm home.  A good way to know if you will get same day turn around is to check out my Shows page.  If you need part or all of your order altered expect to add a few days to the ship out date, I'll let you know before you order if you email me or after I receive the order.  The only exception to all this is if I'm on vacation.

I ship via the US Postal System, most orders will go out 1st class mail and will take 2-4 business day's to get to you.  If you place a larger order it may go out parcel post and will take a few day's longer, but will most likely go out Priority Mail Flat Rate.

Your order will be packaged either in a bubble mailer or a box depending on how much you buy.


Free Stuff for you....

--- Do you see a pair of French Hook earrings that you like, but need clip-on earrings?  Not a problem I will turn any earrings that have a French Hook ear wire into clip-ons for FREE (it will tell you in the description if I used French Hook ear wires).  Just place the order like normal and at check-out in the correspondents section let me know what earrings need to be turned into clip-ons.


--- Love a bracelet, but it's to small?  I can add links to all Adjustable and Funky Bracelets for free.  Just let me know in the correspondence section at check out.

--- Sending and order to some one as a gift?  Let me know at check-out (there is a place for correspondence) and I'll make sure the invoice is not added to the package.  I will also print out a note and add it to the package letting the recipient know that the item is from you.  Just let me know what you would like said (you can be as wordy as you like, I'll just cut and paste) otherwise it will be a "to: Sally From: Mom" sort of thing.


Other Stuff

---  Need more of an item than what is currently available or in different colors?  Let me know I might be able to make more or change the colors.

--- You really love the Funky Bracelets, but you would like one all about drunk sheep in yellow.  That's fine I hand-draw my own charms so I can make just about anything you want.

--- How do I pay for custom work?   Good question.  If what you are ordering is very specific the I will have you pre-pay by phone.  I will send you a picture of your jewelry before I ship it out just to make sure it's what you want and if not make changes then.  If you want something fairly generic just in particular colors i.e. you want a Paris bracelet in teal.  I will make it, add it to the website, and send you the link when it's ready that way we don't have to play the trying to get in touch game and you can order at 3am in your pink bunny slippers if you want to.



Yes I can make jewelry for your wedding and no I don't charge you more for custom wedding jewelry (I know crazy).  Just let me know what your colors are and we can come up with something you will love in your budget.



I sale wholesale.  Just contact me and let me know where you are.  If I don't have any other clients in your area we can set up a wholesale account for you.  I have a lot more product than I can keep up with on a website and I would be happy to send you pictures and or descriptions.

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