You can Now Find My Art On ZAZZLE!

"What is Zazzle?" you might ask.  Well it is a online company that lest you put your own designs on hundreds of different items.  Or you can choose from tens-of-thousands of designers and their personal art-work.  There is so much that I would recommend using the search bar to narrow down the field. 

(Note if you  are looking for anime use a different search term like Manga, Oatku, or Senpie since it always changes anime to animal)

I have been having fun this week taking my personal art-work adjusting it on Photoshop and putting it up on the web for others to find.  I will have more over time, but I have mostly started with art that I had already.

Cololrful Cat Phone Case
Colorful Owl Cover, white iPad Air Cover
Cool Elephant Head Phones
Hot Elephant Case

But mostly I am making Cell Phone Cases to match sets on Polyvore.  In fact the whole reason I started my account on Zazzle was because I could not find a cell phone case to match a set I was trying to put together.  I know silly reason, but hay never said I was totally serious... anyway....  There is actually a second reason I started this account.  I had quite a few customers ask if they could get my twisted since of humor on things other than Jewelry.  Now I can say Yes witch amuses me to no end.


Jayne Hat and Quote Phone CaseSoot Sprite Phone Case

Music Room 3 CaseSilver Spiderweb Cell Phone Case
Year Of The Cat Fan Club CaseMikasa Inspired Phone Case

Gone With The Wind Inspired Phone CaseMaze Runner Inspired Phone Case

Here is a little fun tidbit.  The Fruits Basket Inspired "Year of the Cat" was the first fan art case I made and the one with green curtains was made for a "Gone With The Wind" set, but it was strongly influenced by Carol Burnett... don't judge that skit is a classic.

If you would like to see anything in particular just drop me a line.  I am always willing to take request.  Soon I will be adding things like my cat drinking wine, a Black Butler theme, and some of my more twisted themes like "Brown Chicken, Brown Cow".