Q. OK wow that was a long answer to what I thought was a small question.  Umm I'm almost afraid ask the next one... Right (square shoulders).
Question 2: Has Unique Creations been your only source of income since you started your business?
Answer 2: No
Q. No?  That's it?  Your first answer was so long and now I just get a No.
A. I was trying to be more concise.
Q. Gerrr... A few more words would be OK
A. You really are noisy. Is it that interesting?
Q. People what to know about this sort of thing most people don't start there own business.
A. Fine (sigh)
Answer 2 (revised): For the first 4 years I would work odd jobs to fill in the gaps in what I made.  Then for years 5 and 6 I would get a temp job in January just for something to do since that was my down time.  This is fairly normal when you are first starting out.  They say that if you can make it 5 years then you are good to go as a business.
Question 3: What changed after year 6?
Answer 3: I realized that not everything I made had to be a precious little snowflake and I could make more than one of something that I liked.   So now I spend January and February making stock for the year. This has really helped with my time keeping since I don't have to rush to replace everything I just sold at my last show.   I still make all year long, but this gives me a chance to make several of things I really like.
Question 4: Are you ever wrong when making extra sock?
Answer 4: Heck yea.  I have made things that I thought everyone would just love and never sold a one, but to be honest it happens rarely because I'm awesome.
Q. Yes, yes your fabulous (roll eyes)
A. I am and thank you for noticing (absolutely strait faced)
Q. Rrrright. Well then Next question.