Some days I need to make art, but I don't want to make jewelry nor do I have a lot of time.   On days like that I will do something small and fast that has a large impact.    Back in February I had one of those days.   I was in the kitchen looking around for something to do (it was clean for a change) and my eyes fell on my old and boring white toaster.   I have wanted a cool colored toaster for about forever, but they cost money and I'm cheep.   On this day my brain said "you don't have to leave it that way.  Your an artist fix it".   So I pulled out my paint pins and this is what happened.



This was a really easy and quick project.   Below are the instructions to fancify your own toaster.

Project time:  10-30 minutes

What you need: Toaster, Paint Pins (Oil Based), Vinegar, Soap, Water, Cleaning cloth or sponge.

If your toaster is already clean and you know what you want to draw already this will be a short project.   If your toaster is dirty and you have to think about what to draw it can take much longer.   Like a lot of art projects the prep-work is what takes the most time.

1)  Clean the outside of your toaster thoroughly this is were the water, soap and cleaning cloth come into play.   Make sure   when cleaning to not get water inside your toaster.   Also if you get the plug wet make sure it's completely dry before you plug it into the socket. 

2)  Once it's clean wipe it down with Vinegar 1-3 times.   You can use white wine vinegar or apple cyder vinegar it dose not matter.   Since I don't like the smell of vinegar I'll do a last wipe down with a damp cloth (water).

3)  Dry your toaster completely.   Paper towels or a linen dish cloth work really well, but so dose just letting it air dry for a few hours, what ever you like best.

4)  Using oil based paint pins draw your design.   I like to sketch I ideas first on a scrap piece of paper.

5)  Let it dry over night and your done.

   Customer Question YEA!

Q.  Neat DIY! What does the vinegar step do?

A.  It's to prime the surface.   It cleans off  oils and stuff that soap and water do not get, as well as the residue soap/cleansers leaves behind.    In other words it makes it so the paint will stick better.