Today  I have been working on hand-making Little Book charms out of Polymer Clay.  I typically will make around 100 charms per batch so it's an all day possess...  well in reality it's a several day possess, but 90% of it will be done today (and for those of you who read me regularly know that is a 12 - 14 hour day).  If you look very closely you can tell there are 2 sizes of book being made... Small and Really Small.



First I have to prep the clay and make the "paper" part of the books.




- Then I create the "Covers"

- On the curved side I create an indentation and a little black label for the "binding"

- Then It's put them all on Head Pins and into the oven with them



After they bake I seal them and let them dry for 3 days, witch I still need to do.  Once they are dry I twist the wire at the top to create a loop. 

Tada!  A batch of Book Charms are borne.

For the most part all the charms have marbleized covers so each one is different, this can make finding 2 close enough to be earrings a little difficult.  When they are all finished I will use them for Earrings, Funky Bracelets and Pepole Pins.