I have been going crazy adding new product to my website this year.  At last count I have added something like 106 new items. 

Funky Bracelets:  21 new this year

       Pepole Pins:   15 new this year

If you include the time to create each item, take the photo, clean the photos, and post them to the website; this includes coming up with something pithy to say and an accurate description of each item, I have spent just over 500 hours this year alone on updating and adding new product to my sight.  I'm getting tired just thinking about it.  All that being said, it needed to be done and I'm happy with the results since you my wonderful customers now have over 300 items to gaze upon and choose from. Yea!

  Earrings of Awesomeness:  40 new this year

Adjustable Bracelets: 4 new this year

I'm going to keep adding new product this year, but I'm going to slow it down to a more manageable pace.  So for at least 10 weeks; but hopefully for the rest of the year, I will be adding one new item each week and I'll post about it on Thursdays blog so you can easily find the new items. 


Buttons of Bemusement:  New Product line 8  new