Getting Angry, Anime Style

There is a lot to like about anime and one of the things that tickles my funny bone the most is always being able to tell when someone is truly ticked off, the more angry marks there are on them or around them the more unhappy they are (yes I know I'm not right in the head).  But really wouldn't be great if you could express that in real life?  Even if you are not into anime some days you just want the world to know to go away I'm not in a happy mood. Because of that I just had to make these earrings, If your equally wrong in the head you will just love them.  I will say that most jobs and schools would not let you ware these earrings (because they are boring), but who cares about them they don't have to rule your every waking moment. 

What I'm saying is Buy these earrings I know you want to.