Free! Eternal Summer Inspired Earrings

With Summer officially coming to a close and only a few weeks or months (if you live in the south like me) left to go swimming I thought I would bring you some fun swimming earrings. 

Admittedly this is not obvious, unless your a complete Otaku (look left, look right, look in mirror, oh there's one).   But they are perfect for your last great hurrah at the pool.  These earrings are inspired by the Anime "Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club"  (the manga has a different name) or as one of my friends calls it "That swimming manga".   It's all about a group of boys that are completely obsessed with swimming.  I watched the anime because my Father went to collage on a swimming diving scholarship (go Dad) so I was moved to watch it and I enjoyed it quite a bit, because I like a nice and sweet story. 

The Free! stands for Freestyle a type of swimming and the aqua blue bead at top is to represent the water simple, blue, different. 

Ok now it's time for a bad joke...

What Dose Haruka order at McDonald's?

Water,   because it's free.

Your welcome.