Back By Popular Demand

Just in time for the Holidays.



If you took advantage of Augusts deal then you know how great this is, and a lot of you did take advantage of it (thank you).  Because it was such a success I thought I would bring it back for the holidays.  Because really free money is exactly what you need this time of year.

Yes you read that right I'm giving away money this month.  I'm sure your "asking what's the catch?" and that is perfectly reasonable.   So here's all the info you could want. 

First of all the e-gift card/coupon code is only good for my website.  I know you wanted it to go towards a new yacht, but I'm greedy so it all stays with me.

Second it's actually a coupon code not a real gift card so it dose expire.  You'll have till the end of February to use it so that gives you 3-4 months witch is not bad.  Plus frankly if you had it longer than that you would probably forget you had it and it would just go to waste so really I'm doing you a favor... no, no really it's all for your own good.  See I'm a caring wonderful person... honest.

Third each item you buy has to be at least $8.00 or more.  I know it would be nice to buy 3 extra-hands (witch are $3.00 each) then get a coupon code for $10, but well once again I'm greedy and I want your money.  So you need to spend at least $24 to get the $10. Still it's a really good deal, most places make you spend $100 to get $10.00 off. 

If I was you I would go crazy shopping right now.  Maybe you have a lot of gifts you need to give out this year.  If that's the case I recommend "Pepole Pins" they have a lot of personalty and are just plain fun, or maybe you are looking for some new earrings to go with your holiday dress, that's cool we have lots, and if you are looking for the perfect gift for your beloved geek we have you covered.  What ever it is that makes your heart happy (jewelry wise), I hope that I can fulfill it.


 Ok Lets recap: Buy 3 gifts and get a $10.00 gift for yourself.  What could be better?