Meet Sarah R.  from South Carolina one of my many wonderful customers.


Picture by Sarah


I have known Sarah for a few years now and like many of my customers she has become a friend, just one I don't get to see often.  So when we do get to see each other hugs are exchanged and story's of the past year are told.  Sarah and her husband recently took a trip to New Zealand and she was nice enough to share her story's with me while at Christmas Made in the South in Charleston, SC  earlier this month.  Because I am a big old geek and was totally jelly of her cool trip and all the LotR (Lord of the Rings) things she got to see in person I begged her to wright it all down so I could put it on my blog and after she was done giggling (It was fair I was spazzing out a bit) she agreed.  Below is her account of a very awesome trip and some pictures she took of her adventure (and a few that I googled).


"My husband and I had a great trip, it lasted for a little over a week.  We arrived first in Auckland, NZ which is a huge and beautiful city.  We were able to eat at the top of the sky tower (which is like the Seattle Needle) and it was a gorgeous sight.

Sky Tower New Zealandgoogle Search


Then we made our way to Rotorua (Ro-toe-rue-uh) where we got to see a glow worm cave which was unbelievable.  The caves were full of crystalline-like walls and we were able to go on a boat in complete darkness to see the glow worms.  It was amazing.

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Then we made it to HOBBITON!  They were just sets so we couldn't go into any of the hobbit holes, but it was remarkable!  They grow just about all they need to 'set the scene' there in Hobbiton.  Of course, Bag End was there and it was beautiful.  It had a really cool fake tree on top with fake leaves that have to be pasted back on every year because they fall off.  


Picture by Sarah

There was even a Green Dragon Pub where they served select beers and non-alcoholic beverages and chocolate chip muffins.

Picture by Sarah

After Rotorua, we flew to the south island to a town called Queenstown.  It was such a quaint little town that sat on the edge of a glacial lake where the water was 99.999% pure!

Picture by Sarah

 Queenstown was full of little shops and lots of seafood restaurants.  Whilst in Queenstown we took a safari to Glenarchy to see some natural places where the LotR/Hobbit movies were filmed.  It was a great little adventure into the world of LotR, including where bits of Isenguard, Biorn's Cabin and some mountain scenes were filmed.  We got to see (from a very far distance), Peter Jackson's New Zealand home.  Another evening we were able to take the skyline tour up the mountain and got to go stargazing at the top of the mountain where it was an amazing night to go star gazing.  


Queenstown, NZ Google Search


On our last day we went parasailing (which is big for me because I don't like boats or heights, lol) and the sight was unbelievable. Queenstown is home to one of the most gorgeous mountain ranges in the world (and they've been featured in at least 6 films), called The Remarkables.  They truly are remarkable.

Our geeky Hobbit/LotR trip was amazing and was definitely worth going to see in person."


Now for the interview you have been

waiting to read.

1) What is your favorite color?  Royal Blue

2) Have you ever been in a Food Fight?  Nope

3) Do you have any pets?  Yes.  I have 2 Dogs.  A male Australian sheperd named, Gallifrey Stormagedon (yes) and a female husky named Jenna Noble.  Gallifrey is 16 months old and Jenna is 10 months old. 

Look Pictures..



4)  Has you're husband ever called you at work to find out where the remote is?  Nope

5)  Have you ever danced in the rain?  Yes, it was nice.

6)  What is your favorite word?  Determine

7)  Do you celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day (September, 19)? Aye Lassie!

8)  If you were given the opportunity to have a super power, but you had to choose between Insect Control or Water Breathing,  Witch if either would you choose and why?   Water Breathing.  It would be cool to breath under water, then I could go swimming and visit all the cool fish.

9) What dead person would you least want to be haunted by?  Least want, would have to be Joan Rivers.. Yikes!

10)  Are you wearing sockes right now?  Yes, pink ones.


 Sarah Thank you so much for sharing your story for a second time with me.  I hope your 2016 is as exciting an adventure as 2015 was.