Hello there, world!



Some of you might have seen me around at a few shows over the past two ish years, but Amy and I are very happy to announce that I'll be doing more and more shows with Amy from now on!

So who am I? I'm Tig, a geek girl of all trades, and Amy's 'cousin.' It's cousin in the southern sense of the word where we're not directly related, but we're family. I met Amy through her honey bunny years ago and worked my first show with them in 2014. You'll see me around at a lot of the conventions, but I will be at craft and Christmas shows as well.

I also am running the Instagram account for Amy, so please follow us there! Our name is as clever as all ways, uniquecreationsbyamy, that way you can see neat photos like this:

Follow us on Instagram: uniquecreationsbyamy

Super fun, right? Those are our newest product, by the way, hair sticks! Amy and I literally just finished putting them together this morning. They'll be making their debut next weekend at Omni Expo in Orlando, so if you're in the area and want a pair, make sure that you come by and see me as I'll be the only one who has them!

Speaking of Orlando, I'm super excited as I actually get to play in the area of a show for once and will get to go to Universal Studios for the first time ever! I'll post about that on my next blog, which from now on will be every other Thursday.

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself to ya'll and say hi and I can't wait to see some of you at shows!