Christmas Day at my House is all about ART!


Each Christmas I have the day all to myself.  My family is scattered and my Honey-Bunny spends the day with his family so I am home alone.  Now this might seam lonely to some of you, but for me it is a wonderful treat.  A day that I don't have to work and I know that I will have all to myself.  I could do almost anything and high up on that list should probably be just relaxing.  However it is traditional for me  to spend Christmas Day making art.  It is always something that is just for the house and most of the time it is painting something.

 This years project was repainting an old cabinet that was sitting round being all boring.  It was a bad shade of yellow, the person that had made it did not sand or prime it and it only had one thin coat of paint, plus the door was falling apart.  After lots of layers of paint and some ink (yes I was having fun) it was done.  Sadly I forgot to take pictures until it was almost done.  Oh well



First was cleaning it up and taking the door and hardware off, then a light sanding followed by a coat of light gray paint then streaky layers of 2 different shades of blue on top of the wet paint.  Let mostly dry then add more paint elements, mostly different types of spots.  Next paint on the gold vines (with ink) and finely the sliver skulls also hand painted in ink.   I was super happy with the end results.  What do you think? 

Because the weather was above 50 the painting was able to be done outside this year.  My Honey-Bunny will be shocked to come home and not have the house smelling like paint.  Also I was able to ware my painting togs witch include flip-flops and a short sleeved shirt.   Not normal winter weather attire, but hay I live in North Carolina so it was only chilly not actually truly cold, unlike the past 2 weeks up in PA.  YEAY!  This also ended up being the quickest Christmas project to-date it only took 3 hours.


Below are a few of the things that where created in Christmases Past




 If you would like to see more of my random artwork just visit my Pinterest Page Crafts I've Done.


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