Getting Lost in Savannah, GA Can Be an Experience All on It's Own.

Well I was not technically lost.  I found Laurel Grove Cemetery several years ago when I took a wrong exit heading to the Convention Center in Savannah on Halloween and the new rout the GPS took me practically dumped me there.  I only had a few minutes to check it out at the time, but this past weekend I ended up taking the same wrong exit and it reminded me of this really old and cool place that I had been wanting to explore.  So this Sunday I left the hotel early so I could have an hour to wonder around.  It was not nearly enough time, but I got some really cool pictures.  Below are some of my favorites.


Laurel Grove Cemetery was "Originally part of the a plantation owned by the Stiles family, the land was acquired by the City of Savannah in 1850, and it became the city's primary burial ground. This lovely cemetery features small parks, detailed ironwork and ornate mausoleums." 



Most of the plots where divided by either stone or ironwork



And some of the Gates where just spectacular.



Some of the plots where in amazing repair  Like this one where the youngest marker was dated 1928, the oldest was from 1888.



And some plots had bowed to the ravages of time.


It was an hour well spent and I plan on going back next time I'm in Savannah.  It gave off a similar feeling to the City's of the Dead in New Orleans (not exactly mind you to the feeling was similar).   If you find yourself in Savannah and have a few extra hours in your day you should check out this historic sight.  For more information on Laurel Grove Cemetery click hear.



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