ME? Crazy? I Should Get Down Off This UNICORN & Slap You

I know it has been a while since I have added anything new to the website (really only one new item this year is pretty sad).  This is not because I have not made anything new, but because I have not had the time to put all the new stuff up.  Cuz yeah this year has been crazy busy.  I will be adding a bunch of new funky bracelets as well as new earrings and hair stakes over the next few months.  My Patrons have seen most of this already, but now you can see it too.   

Each month my Patrons get to vote on a new Funky bracelet to be made.  This year some of the new bracelets that have been added to my Funky Bracelet line by vote are.... Kirk, The NeverEnding Story, The Weasley twins, Kittendor, Sloberin, Bearclaw, Flufflepuff, and the bracelet I am introducing you to here... Me? Crazy? I should get down off this Unicorn and slap you.



This quote makes me giggle so hard and I was super happy it was the bracelet that won June's monthly poll for my Patrons.  Hope you like it as well.  I liked it so much I made earrings to match.




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