I'd Tap That Chamber Door"


Introducing my Edgar Allan Ho bracelet.  I have a real love for Sass and Crossovers and this bracelet gets to be both and I mean really who would not love to have an Edgar Allen Poe / Stripper Crossover bracelet. 

I've seen lots of Edgar Allen Poe merch out there and it's all cleaver and some of it is even a bit sassy, but for the most part it's on the serous side and I am not very well antiquated with serous.  This bracelet actually took me 10 months to figure out.  I knew that it had to have Edgar in a Party Dress, a Stripper on a Poll, and it's name "Edgar Allen Ho" as charms, but the last 2 charms got changed around quite a bit until I settled on the Raven with a G-String in it's beak and the charm that reads "I'd Tap That Chamber Door".  I need to give my Patron Jamie and her husband all the credit for helping me figure out the last 2 charms.  They where a wonderful sounding board and helped me focus my very scattered mind.  This bracelet has only been around for  2 months, but I'm having trouble keeping it in stock so I uploaded the image onto a bunch of stuff onto my Zazzle account.  Since Edgar is PG-13 you'll need to log-in so they know your old enough to see it (they really take their family friendly seriously).  So if you would like to get a T-Shirt, Button, or anything else I've been asked to add it to or came to mind click on the links above.



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