Fairy Tales From China

"Hua Mulan was a legendary warrior woman from the Southern & Northern Dynasties (420 - 589) of China who was originally described in a ballad"(1) and was much later turned into a the heroine of a Disney movie.  She has inspired countless plays, ballads, story's, paintings, and even a crater on Venus is named after her.  Now There is this small, but fun and whimsical bracelet inspired by this incredible woman.

The colors of the bracelet and 2 of the charms where strongly inspired by the movie, but the other 3 charms where inspired by earlier recounting of her tale.



Naturally I had to make earrings to go with the bracelet, so I took a fragment of my favorite quote and turned that into both a charm on the bracelet and earrings.



Hope you end up giggling over the earrings as much as I did when making them

Note 1: sourced from Wikipedia.  There was a lot more information on Hua Mulan available there and I truly recommended looking it up because she was an amazing woman.


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