What kind of Archeologist carries a gun?

Oh wait that would be most of them....  Never mind.

Okay so you all know that I am just a big old nerd and love to geek out with my jewelry on a very regular basis....  humm is it just me or did that last statement sound kind of wrong.  Oh well.

This week I am introducing a fun bracelet inspired by one of my all time favorite Sci-Fi shows, Stargate SG1.  This bracelet had been on my to make list for about forever, but I'm easily distracted and to be honest I was kind of stuck on what to do.  So Shanna from FL (one of my Awesome Customers) came to my rescue.  She was really wonderful and helped me brain storm ideas for charms and the colors needed for the bracelet.  There was a flurry of emails and some wonderful suggestions (2 of witch I just out right copied) and in the end I think we came up with a great bracelet. 



The bracelet has a charm for each of the main 4 characters and the symbol for Tara (earth).  The colors are to represent the great nothingness of space and the wormhole that cut through it, so blacks and gray for space and blue and white for the wormhole.  As many of you know I really do over think these things.

The charms are....

 - Jack O'Neill:  "For Crying out Loud" he said this in almost every episode

- Daniel Jackson: "Dr. Jackson he finds the book in a room full of jewels".  My favorite character and the hardiest one to choose a charm quote/theme for. 

- Samantha Carter:  "Keep Calm and Let Charter Figure It Out".  Really the I think that 50% of the episodes could have been named this, she was one smart and capable woman, and one of the reasons I think Sci-Fi has all the best female roles.

- Teal'c: The symbol of Apophis with the word "INDEED" under.  A man of few words and noble character.  I know I'm crazy, but I always wanted to go up to him and just give him a big hug.


Hope you love this bracelet as much as we do.  If you want to see something new added just drop me a line, but don't be surprised if I put you to work.