Here is my Shameless Plug to get you to head over to my Patreon Page. 



Now you may be asking yourself "What is Patreon and why should I check out this page".  That's a good question and I'm glad you asked.

What is Patreon:  Patreon is basically a way for normal people to be Patrons of the arts.  It's set up a lot like Kick-Starter in that you get something for the money you shell out, but it's a monthly thing as apposed to one-time.  Also you are helping a struggling artist make their living doing what they love best and that is making art and the world a prettier/stranger place.

Why Should I Check it out?:  You get  lot out of it and there are tears to how you can help.  From totally free; about 40% of the content is free to the public,  All the way up to a $50 a monthly subscription box.  Close to everyday posts with lots of new art, Specials and events that are exclusive to my Patrons, Glimpses into our lives and what makes crazy artists tick, the ability to influence new jewelry to be made, Priority on custom work, Bad Puns, and much more.

So be one of the cool people and check it out.  Really even if all you do is read the free posts and like and comment on them it is a big morale boost for me.  I know most people don't think it's much to hit the like button, but for artist like me it's the world.  We get to know that you like what we put are hearts and minds into and gives us a little boost when we are feeling down...  heck it gives us a boost even when we are feeling good.  So if you have liked anything I have done share the love and click that button.



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