For the Month of November I am going to give a Hoot and embrace all things owl.

I have been for sometime wanting to make House specific owls for Harry Potter Inspired items.  After many drafts and several days worth of cramped hands I finally was able to come up with owls for 3 out of the 4 houses.  Subsequently I turned them into earrings.  The nice thing about the earrings is other than using the appropriate colored bead at the top unless you are in the know they are just cute owl earrings.


The first house that Success was found with was Hufflepuff. Wanting something small and cute and well relatively easy to draw cause I figured I would go through a lot of them it took a bit of time.  Believe it or not complicated is easier for me to draw... well the first time at least.



The Second house was Slytherin.  Wanting a Gothic feel freed me up to be as complicated as I wanted to be.  However after the first time drawing it my hand cramped up and was yelling at me for sometime so it was turned into a stamp as quickly as possible.  The nice thing about that is I can keep my prices reasonable.



The Last House is Ravenclaw.  It was the most simplistic to come up with since I tend to think about Ravenclaw as clean lined and classic.  So a picture of a real owl was found online and the silhouette was created.


Truthfully all the owls where turned into stamps because I wanted to keep the price at $12 a pair of earrings and really a lot of owls are used all over the place so there has been the embracing of as much lazy as can be gotten away with lately.


Hope you love the Owl Earrings all all the other owl related blog post this month.


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