Unicorn Love!

Get your Unicorn Love on with these fun unicorn themed Hair stakes.  I just got these fun purple stakes in and I thought to myself what should I put on them cause you know they where just to cute for words, and of course when I see purple and butterflys I naturally think Unicorns.  Once they where done I showed them to Tig and she was most vexed that she could not get a pair since they where going up on the sight for the shopping pleasure of my most wonderful customers.



I  hope you do love these as much as we do because I am quite sure that once Tig gets back from her shows up in Maryland there is going to be puppy dog eyes and frowny faces.  Just saying cause I have a tendency to cave once the sad eyes come out.  What that translates to is that I can make one more than what is currently on the website, so if it goes to Tig then there will only ever be 2 available to buy.


One of the many cool things about these hair stakes is the shaft has a slight texture to it so it stays in the hair better.  I know that there are quite a few people out there that prefer the textured sticks to the glossy enameled ones.  Though since my hair is short(ish);just past my shoulders, thin, and fine I prefer the glossy sticks, but that is why I have lots of options because we are all just a little different in our needs.   Also since they are in the Fancy Pants style the bobble hangs down a bit so it's really fun to make them swing about and they catch the eye nicely.  As always they are over engendered so they don't get caught in your hair.

Hope these bring a smile to your day


V    V    V    V