Its interview time again and this time you get to meet  my friend Shane with Shane's Forever Files.


Shane's Forever Files is a family-owned company out of Lebanon, PA.  They sell those really cool glass nail files.   They hand paint them so they are really pretty.


  Because we Crafters  can never stop trying new things he also hand makes really cool wood cutting boards and rolling pins.



Like the last interview I could go on about how cool Shane is and his products, but I want to get to the fun stuff so on with the interview.   Oh and just as a warring we held this interview by text and we both used text-to-speak so I am not giving you a direct transcripts since some of the things that came across I'm sure where not what was meant (though I could be wrong).


Okay are you ready for the hard hitting questions?

Hell Yes!


1)  What is your favorite color?

Red I guess.   Here I thought the question was going to be a bit more risque.  That was a lot of build up for a color question.

Haha.  No it will stay PG-13.


2) What was your favorite childhood injure?

Let's see one time I ran into the back of a wagon that was hauling hay with my bike and could open both of my knees.  Then there was the time I was playing football in the house and broke my wrist.   Or maybe the time I was building a house and a big block or wood fell from 2 stories up and hit me on the head, that one almost killed me.   Another time I was working in a dungeon and got caught on a jackhammer and was pinned against a wall... almost lost something very important that time.

What!  What?  You where working in a Dungeon?

My parents house had a basement below the basement made of solid concrete so we called it the dungeon or vault.

Oh okay that is so much better than what I was thinking.  Witch one of those was your favorite injury?

I think Playing football in the house.


The third question is going to be semi related to the woodworking part of your business.  Are you Ready?

Go ahead


3) How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


Yes really (trying really hard not to laugh at my friend at this point).  You've heard this question your whole life surely you have an answer for it by now.

As much as a woodchuck wants.  And no one in their right mind or otherwise has ever asked me that question. 

Glad I could be the first.


4)  Have you ever jumped out of an airplane?  If not Why?

Hell no I'm not jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with a shoot that might or might not open.


5) If you where to be hit in the face by pin, what kind of pie would you like it to be?

Cherry or Apple No no make that Peach Pie...Yum.


6) Who would win in a fight, Astronaut or Caveman?



7) What is your least favorite mode of transportation?


Are you not good at it or dose it just hurt your bum?   Oh I know you silly, you don't think you look good in a bright pink helmet.

It hurts my legs and my butt and I love to wear a pink helmet


8) If you were given the opportunity to have a superpower, but you had to choose between being able to travel into the past or seeing the future, witch if either would you choose and why?

I would see into the future because I want to win some money at something, so I can put a new roof on the woodshop and take a vacation.


9) What is your favorite knock knock joke?

I don't have one

Sigh, I don't get to learn a new joke.  Oh well


10)  If you owned a CB radio what would your "Handle" be?



Shane thank you for being a good sport and answering my silly question.  Check  back on the last Monday of each month for a new and silly interview.