The Kiln, the kiln, the kiln is on Fire.


Some of you may have heard my tails of woe, but for thous of you who have not heard, my kiln caught fire on Tuesday.  Luckily Chance and I are good in a crisis situation and we did not panic.  In fact the excitement level was about on par with asking someone to pass the salt at the dinner table.  That is good because we where able to take care of the situation and no damage was done to the house.  We just tuned off then unplugged the kiln, got the fire extinguisher (that is always near by) and then opened the door and put out the fire.  Sadly this meant that I was out of a kiln for a week and orders have been delayed.  Just got the new one in today and was playing around with it, hence the late blog post.   Sadly part of the playing around with the kiln was determining if it works or not and well... it must have gotten damaged in shipping and it in fact was not functioning properly.  The company that I am working with have been great and are rushing me out another one and I'll have it by Wednesday.  So fingers crossed that this one will work.  If it dose I'll be able to get all the special orders out on Friday and hopefully will be able to get a new item up on my website for next Monday. 

Hope your upcoming week is less exciting than my past week.



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