Butterfly Dreams Pendant

Butterfly Dreams Pendant

$2.00 (was $14.00)

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Wow there was a lot done to this poor bamboo tile (1 1/2" tall by 3/4" wide).  First it had blue paper lacquered onto it then some crazy person with metal stamps kept waking it with a hammer and little bits of metal until the word DREAM was impressed into the wood.  Then it had aging gel was rub into the impressions until you could see the word DREAM and a butterfly was stuck onto its fount.  After all that it had 4 more coats of lacquer brushed all over it.  Then the crazy person stuck 2 headpins; with pewter and silver plate accent beads on the end, through it's body and wrapped a large oval ring to it's top (about 3/4"x1/2").  It was like going to a salon and getting primped and prodded so your all prettied up for a big event.  Well the big even this pendant got all prettied up for was rushing into your waiting arms so it could dazzle everyone while hanging around your neck.  It comes on a 18” black cord necklace so you don't have to worry about what to hang it on.

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