Cat Walk, Funky Bracelet

Cat Walk, Funky Bracelet


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 I have a thing for puns and when I come up with one that can be turned into a bracelet it often happens.  So this Cat Walk bracelet was born combining Cats and High Heel Shoes.  Have fun!

This bracelet is 8 1/2" long, but can be shortened by attaching the lobster claw clasp to any point along the chain making it one size fits most
5 Charms hand-made from Thermoplastic.  The charms are cut using a CAD system and the pictures are individually hand drawn
     -Featuring 3 Cats and 2 High Heels
16 Glass Beads and 4 Wood Beads
    - 4 Coral Pink/Brown 12mm Pinwheel Flowers, 4 Light Wood 18x10mm wood beads, 4 Magenta 16mm Flowers, 4 Montana Blue (kind of a grayish blue) 14x10mm Atlas bead, 4 Olive Green 10mm Square Fiber Optic Beads.

Comes with an adapter so you can turn it into a dazzling necklace, the standard length adapter makes it a 16" necklace, but if you need your necklace to be Curvaceous 18" or  Voluptuous 20" that is available also.    At check-out there is a place for Notes, Please indicate witch length you need there.

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