Cheshire Cat, Funky Bracelet

Cheshire Cat, Funky Bracelet


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The Cheshire Cat is a classic dating some say more than 200 years before Alice's Adventurers in Wonderland was published and embodies the cleaver, mischievous, and aloof cat.  So naturally we all want it's attention and love.  Now you can grab the Cheshire Cat and carry it with you where ever you go with this fun and whimsical bracelet.

It's 8 1/8" long, but can be shortened by attaching the lobster claw clasp to any point along the chain making it one size fits most
5 Charms hand-made from Thermoplastic
     - Cat face (I tried to draw it with an 1800's wood cut feel), "I'm not crazy my reality's just different than yours", Cat with vanishing stripes,  Grinning cat face and "we're all mad here", and cat in a tree
20  Beads a mix of glass an acrylic
    -4 Pink Marbled 9x11mm tubes, 4 Periwinkle 10mm round, 4 Fuchsia 4x 15mm flowers, 4 Lavender 10mm flowers, and 4 Purple 8mm square beads (note the purple beads are brighter when light passes thru them since they are translucent, see last image for a good idea of this affect)

Comes with an adapter so you can turn it into a dazzling necklace, the standard length adapter makes it a 16" necklace, but if you need your necklace to be Curvaceous 18" or  Voluptuous 20" that is available also.    At check-out there is a place for Notes, Please indicate witch length you need there.

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