Coffee Drinking Unicorn Crasy Awesome Hair Stakes

Coffee Drinking Unicorn Crasy Awesome Hair Stakes


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Do you like unicorns?  Would you "kill" for your cup of morning coffee?  Oh good glad I made these hair stakes then.  Enjoy these unicorn themed hair stakes that combine cute, sweet, and a touch of death.

The Total Length is 16 1/8" long (length of sticks and tassel)
The stick is 9" long natural blond wood
 The Tassel is ~ 7.5" and is comprised of 6 beads, 2 charms, 2 pewter links both knotwork, and a 30mm long Peach colored leather tassel.
Beads- Starting from the top is a stone 15x11mm Peach/Yellow/Pink hand-glittered skull.  a glass 4mm Pale Pink faceted round, a glass Metallic Gold 8x10mm faceted teardrop, a crystal Pink 6mm faceted round, a resin Light Pink 10mm round, and a bone Cream 11mm round with cut out circles
Charms- are made from Thermoplastic and are coffin shaped: One stick has a Cup of Coffee and a Coffee Drinking Unicorn.  The other stick has a Coffee Drinking Unicorn and "Coffee keeps me from killing people"

I over engineer theses stakes so they don't catch in your hair.  What that means in detail is I counter sink the eyelet into the stick so there is no gap for your hair to get caught, for added security I E6000 the eyelet into place.  The Bobble and Stick are connected with a split-ring; basically a miniature key-ring, once again so there is no were for your hair to get caught.  And I wire wrap the beads and charms together.  All this means that your hair should not get caught in the charms.  It also means that it is very securely put together.

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