Geometric Ochre Flower, structured Mask w/ ties, Size: Woman/Teen

Geometric Ochre Flower, structured Mask w/ ties, Size: Woman/Teen


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This is a one of a kind mask.  My awesome Mom made a batch of masks for me and you.  Hope you like all her hard work.   Here is the "new" style of mask.  It's more structured to fit your face, put darts on the side to make it even more fitted.  To get a really good seal at the top you'll need to ware glasses (reading, sun, regular dose not matter).  The fabric is 100% cotton and can be put in the Washer and Dryer on normal (I iron mine with the steam on).  Things to know:  Make sure to wash before you use for the first time and after each outing. These masks may or may not be effective against Covid19 I keep getting contradictory information.  However they should keep others safe if you have a cough, plus right now it's just polite.  I've found that while wearing them people tend to remember to keep social distancing better.  If you have a N95 style mask and you need to reuse it putting this style of mask over it helps since you can wash this one.  

100% Cotton
This style is more structured to match your face and I put darts in on the side to make it fit better.  However to get a good seal at the top you need to ware some sort of glasses.
This mask is double sided so you can remember which side is to face out.
Top and bottom ties
Washer and Dryer safe.  Make sure you wash them before you use the first time and after each outing.

More things to know:  I'm not a seamstress, simply someone that can sew.  Had the materials at home to make these mask.  Thought it would be a good thing to make extra and offer them to people like me who are trying to be as careful as possible.  Since I have someone in the high risk category at home I'm doing everything reasonable to stay safe.  I have 7 Indoor Outdoor Cats at home.  I've set the masks up to have free shipping.  If for some reason you are only ordering a mask, but you are charged shipping let me know and I'll fix that so you can order them.  However if you order something else shipping will be added. Shipping rates are $3.85 for any orders of $49.99 or less and $0.50 for orders over $50.  Have no idea if the masks would count towards that total or not since this is the first time I've set an individual item up to have free shipping.  Once again Please remember to wash these when you get them and after each outing.  I made 2 for myself and my roommate so we always have a clean dry one on hand.  This style of mask takes me much longer to make compared to the surgical mask style so as soon as the elastic comes in I'll stop making the structured style masks.