Happy Smiles Simply Elegant Bracelet

Happy Smiles Simply Elegant Bracelet


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This sweet and fun bracelet is sure to bring a smile to your day.  It has just a touch of bling with real Swarovski Crystals and just a hint of color in the 4 happy beads.

4 Millefiori glass beads Dark Blue, Green, Light Blue, and Yellow 8mm is size.  Each face will be just a little different because of the way the bead is made.
3 real Swarovski Crystal Roundels
Some Silver Plate accent beads both round and tube shape
8 pewter flat flower beads on both sides of the Millefiori beads
Adjusts from 7"-8" by way of the 1" chain at the end
1 Pewter star charm at the end of the chain.

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Note:   You may notice that this bracelet is a little more expensive than the other Simple Elegant Bracelets on the website.  The reason for that is it has Real Swarovski Crystal Roundels in it.  Basically it's just the difference in the cost of manufacture.