Island Princess, Funky Bracelet

Island Princess, Funky Bracelet


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Take off on adventurer with this Princesses as she sets sale to find a dim-god and save the world from turning into ash.  Now some of you might question her being a princess and say she is more the future chef, but to quote the movie "IF you ware a dress and have an animal sidekick, You're A Princess".    Some neat features of this bracelet is I used REAL Coral beads and Real shell mixed with resin beads in the creations of this bracelet. The bead mix is a close approximation of the colors in the Princesses outfit.

The coral beads have been sitting in my studio for over 10 years (though I have a vague memory of having them for much longer like 20 year) so once these bracelets are sold I will have to rework the beads to something less cool so if you want this particular bead mix you'll need to get them soon.

It's 8" long, but can be shortened by attaching the lobster claw clasp to any point along the chain making it one size fits most
5 Handmade Thermoplastic charms: they are cut using a CAD system and the pictures are individually hand drawn or hand inked.. sometimes both
     -"If you wear a dress and have an animal sidekick, You're a Princess", Crossed paddle and fishing hook, Pendant, Chicken standing on top of a Pig, Polynesian symbol: swirl
20 Beads: Glass, Coral, Resin, Acrylic
    - 4 Amber 8x5mm faceted glass roundels, 4 Rosie Cream 15x18 acrylic heats, 4 Light Red 10mm round real coral, 4 Creamy White 13mm resin and shell coins, 4 Dark Red with patina 8mm round glass beads.

Comes with an adapter so you can turn it into a dazzling necklace, the standard length adapter makes it a 16" necklace, but if you need your necklace to be Curvaceous 18" or  Voluptuous 20" that is available also.    At check-out there is a place for Notes, Please indicate witch length you need there.