It's Hip To Be Square Earrings

It's Hip To Be Square Earrings


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Simple square pewter beads make for simple and elegant earrings and because I like you I made a bracelet to match.  (see bottom for link)

- Large square pewter bead 5/8" square (so not surprising), and about 3mm thick

- 3mm silver plate beads at top and bottom and 3x2mm pewter "flower" beads between cap the large central bead.

- Surgical Stainless Steal French Hooks (this means nickle free/lead free and at a grade of metal that is non-reactive enough to be used in surgery... or at least back in the 1950's when the classification became popular). and they also come with clear ear stops so if your active like I am you will not loose the earrings while your wearing them.

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