Kaylee from Firefly Inspired Funky Bracelet

Kaylee from Firefly Inspired Funky Bracelet


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Everything's shiny captain not to fret. I just LOVED Firefly and all it's wonderful and interesting characters.  Out of all of them the cheerful and upbeat Kaylee is one of my favorites.  In this bracelet I tried to capture her upbeat personality with bright and fun bead colors.  As well as elements that describe her as charms.  So her oh so fluffy and "it's so pretty" pink dress. "Shiny!lets be Bad Guys" quote, a Teddy bear for the patch on her overalls and also you know that even though it was not shown she has a bunch of these guys in her room to cuddle with, and her famous parasol crossed with a wrench.  Last but not least a space ship in a mason jar.  Cause what do you put in mason jars?  Firefly's... you may grown now.

It's 8 1/8" long, but can be shortened by attaching the lobster claw clasp to any point along the chain making it one size fits most
5 Charms hand-made from Thermoplastic
     -Teddy Bear patch, Serenity in a Mason Jar, Kaylee's parasol crossed with a wrench, Her oh so fluffy pink Dress, and "Shiny! Lets be Bad Guys"
20  Glass and Acrylic Beads
    -4 Light Aqua Blue 12mm flower, 4 Purple w/ black, silver, and gold splatters 10mm round, 4 Fuchsia 16mm flowers, 4 Peacock blue 8mm round, and 4 Olive Green 5x8mm roundels

Comes with an adapter so you can turn it into a dazzling necklace, the standard length adapter makes it a 16" necklace, but if you need your necklace to be Curvaceous 18" or  Voluptuous 20" that is available also.    At check-out there is a place for Notes, Please indicate witch length you need there.