Namahage, Coloring-book Page

Namahage, Coloring-book Page


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To help with everyone staying at home I've made a few coloring-book pages for personal use for you or your family. These images will have to be emailed to you so make sure you email is correct at checkout.  Or you can go to Awesome Con Jr. and download them directly.

This one is a Namahage mask.  a traditional Japanese fox mask.  It has the Japaneses and kanji for Namahage.  I tried to incorporate as many elements into the page as possible.

A bit about Namahage  Namahage: Once a year, during koshōgatsu—the first full moon of the New Year—the Namahage descend from the mountains to scare villagers. They go from door to and brandish their knives, saying things like, “Any bad kids here?” They particularly enjoy scaring small children and new brides.  Despite their ferocious appearance and behavior, they are actually well-meaning yōkai. They are sent down from the mountain as messengers of the gods to warn and chastise those who have been lazy or wicked.  Today, the namahage play a major part in New Year’s festivities in Akita Prefecture (old Dewa Province). Villagers dress up in straw raincoats and leggings, don oni masks, and wield large knives. They go from house to house and play the part of namahage.