Pretty Red Earrings

Pretty Red Earrings

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I wanted to name the First pair of earrings in this style something poetic like "A drop of water on an open lotus" because it kind of looks like that... if you squint a lot, but that was to long *sigh*,  so I came up with the rather prosaic, but true "Pretty Blue Earrings".   To keep the theme of a really cool name that I'm not going to use I dub these earrings "Fire on an open Lotus".

These earrings are 1 7/8" long (full length)
The drop portion is 1 1/8” long
Comprised of 5 parts (from top to bottom)
Surgical Stainless Steel French Hooks
11mm round pewter ring
10mm round Red glass bead
11mm filigree flower bead cap
3mm silver plate round metal bead

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