Sherlock Funky Bracelet

Sherlock Funky Bracelet


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Do you love Sherlock Holmes?  If you do this is the fan girl bracelet for you.

It's 8 1/8" long, but can be shortened by attaching the lobster claw clasp to any point along the chain making it one size fits most
5 Charms hand Made from Thermoplastic represent different aspects of the great detective
     - Teacup and spoon, 221B, a Dear Stalker Hat and a Magnifying Glass, Violin, "Elementary My Dear Watson"
20 beads, a mix of Glass and vintage German Acrylic beads
    - 4 Jet Black 12mm Flowers, 4 Gray 12mm Hearts, 4 Red 10mm Flower, 4 Hematite 10x8mm roundel, and 4 Gray and Gold 12x8mm Knots,

Comes with an adapter so you can turn it into a dazzling necklace, the standard length adapter makes it a 16" necklace, but if you need your necklace to be Curvaceous 18" or  Voluptuous 20" that is available also.    At check-out there is a place for Notes, Please indicate witch length you need there.