HP: Shrewd Hair Stakes

HP: Shrewd Hair Stakes


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Are you Shrewd, Cunning, and Ambitious?  Is your house animal a Snake?  Well then these hair stakes are just for you.

The Total Length is about 13" long (length of sticks and tassel)
The stick is 9.5" long, it's bamboo with a silver paint job (has been sealed)
The Tassel is about 3.5" and is comprised of 3 beads, 2 charms, and a pewter 12mm ring.
Beads- The 2 on the bottom are a glass Jet Black 8mm faceted Bi-Cone and a glass Black Diamond (brownish gray) 8x3mm square.  The bead an acrylic 22x14mm Bright Green faceted tube.
Charms- are made from Thermoplastic: One stick has the Shrewd House Crest and a "Those cunning folks use any means to achieve their ends"  The other stick has a Deathly Hollows and a Gothic Owl

I over engineer theses stakes so they don't catch in your hair.  What that means in detail is I counter sink the eyelet into the stick so there is no gap for your hair to get caught, for added security I E6000 the eyelet into place.  The Bobble and Stick are connected with a split-ring; basically a miniature key-ring, once again so there is no were for your hair to get caught.  And I wire wrap the beads and charms together.  All this means that your hair should not get caught in the charms.  It also means that it is very securely put together.

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