Amy's a bit busy right now making a bunch of jewelry at the moment, so she asked me to take over writing the blog post for today (insert evil cackle here).

We've been really busy with our latest product, and it's one that I've been helping create! If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you've already seen some photos of them, but we're still really excited and in love with our hair stakes! They're a fun team project between Amy and I and we have an absolute blast making them! We've got so many different styles that it's really hard at the moment to keep track of them all.

Tig helping make the hair stakes.

They're currently only available at shows with us, but we promise, we'll get them online for you soon!

In the mean time, happy International (Rounded) Pi Day! Make sure that you grab a slice of something tasty and enjoy it! I now return you to your regularly scheduled Amy posts.