Woweee, what a blast I had last week! As you may remember, I was going to Orlando, Florida to do Omni Expo this past weekend. Well, I was able to go down a few days early and visit a friend of mine who's super awesome and works for Universal Studios, so I got to go for the first time ever! Needless to say I kind of fan girl'd out...A LOT. I bought my own wand at Olivander's and had way more fun than any adult is suppose to have running around and triggering all the events that you can at the Harry Potter Wizarding World. I swear it also had nothing to do with the fact that I was also getting to drink beer specially crafted for Wizarding World, thus making my craft beer nerd and regular nerd stupidly happy.


I didn't get a ton of photos, nor did I get any while I was at Omni Expo (which if you're in the area next year I highly recommend that you check them out as an attendee), but I hope you enjoy what I did take!

The Hogwarts Express going from Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade.

Beer taps inside Hog's Head Tavern at Hogsmeade, the only place where you can get my favorite of their three exclusive beers - Hog's Head! The hog's head behind the bar was animated, by the way!

The entrance to the Jurassic Park area of Island of Adventure.

The sign over the entrance to Hogsmeade which says, "Please Respect the Spell Limits."

Anyway, stay tuned, this weekend I'm off to do two craft shows in Raleigh and then next weekend I'll be traveling up to Hunt Valley, Maryland for (Re)Generation Who! See you crazy cats next time!