A  chilling story of when Ladybugs Attack!

or Not


Ladybug, Funky Bracelet


It is said that when a ladybug lands on you, you should stand very still and count it's spots before it can fly away because that will tell you how many months of good fortune it has blessed you with by landing on you.  Ladybugs also like to gather around each other, so the more ladybugs around the more likely luck will land on you.

With that in mind I created this fun and ladybug covered Funky Bracelet.  All 5 of it's charm depict pictures of ladybugs and I also added some lovely and large ladybug beads.  And of course the beads are in the classic black and red ladybug pattern with just a touch of frosted crystal to brighten it up.  I think this one turned out particularly well.

If one funky bracelet is not enough luck here are the other ladybug items I have for you.

Ladybug Earrings    Ladybug, Adjustable Bracelet


Fancy Ladybug, Adjustable Bracelet

Ladybug Earrings, smallTurquoise Ladybug Earrings   


Hope you have some fun attracting ladybugs.