Yes, yes, I know, it's Friday. But I was super pretty yesterday and kind of forgot to write a blog post. It happens. Further proof that I'm human, or well, a scatter brained Time Lord, take your pick.

Not much has been going on with me personally as I've been taking some much needed down time due to coming down with a mild cold (stupid tree repopulation season), but Amy and I have been messing around with yet another social media site. For you style savvy people out there, you might have heard of a neat little website called Polyvore, and we're very excited to say that you can now find us over there too! For those of you unfamiliar with the site, think of it as a more complicated, fashion centered version of Pintrest. We've been having a lot of fun with it. Check it out!

Want to see more? Make sure you follow us there too! Same username as all ways.

That's it for now from me. Next weekend I'll be at the John Hopkins Spring Festival in Baltimore and then CreatorCon the following weekend in Silver Springs, Maryland! See you cats next time!