Question 9: Did you say that in your universe Ninjas and Chickens are Mortal Enemy's? (look of confusion)
Answer 9: Yes.    Before you glare at me there is a short answer, a long answer, and a really long answer which would you like?
Q. Lets start with the short answer.
A. Have you ever seen any of the old (1970's) Asian Kung Fu Movies?
Q. No
A. There is a trope in those movies that a ninja sneaking into a building/place will only be tripped up by a chicken that just just happens to flap in his face and they fall over or bump into something or the chicken leave a bit of bird poo in just the wrong place and the ninja falls down.
Q. OK. So what dose that have to do with your universe?
Answer 9 Continued: So in my universe the chickens really do protect the hearth and home from ninjas.  They are not just being annoying birds when the cluck an odd hours, peck your feet, flap around, and live presents on top of your roof.  They are in reality practicing for when the ninja arrives.  People just don't give chicken enough credit. For example people think chickens are so stupid that they will drown in rain.  This is not true. What is really happening is that they are looking around for the ninjas that would use the cover of a storm to sneak in.  They are actually risking their lives for you.
Q. Wow I had no idea that chickens where so cool.
A. Got to respect the chickens. (nodes head)
Question 10: How did this all start? The enmity between Chickens and Ninjas that is. It seams like an unlikely pairing for enemy's.
Answer 10: It all started with a bet.... This is a fairly long story lets take a little brake and I'll tell you the story of the bet.
Q: Works for me.