Q:     Hi How are you doing today?


A.     Fine? Is your next question going to be as insightful and hard hitting as your last one?


Q.     (Gerr) No


Question 25:     We touched on your confidence already.   Do you have any fears?


Answer 25:     Of course I do.   We all have fears you just have to pull up your big girl underoos and face them head on or they will just keep trying to overwhelm you.   Though we all have fears that we struggle with every day.   For example I suffer terribly from Mephobia.


Q.     Dear Lord what is that?


Answer 25 Continued:   I  t's the Fear that if I become anymore Awesome the human race could not handle it and everyone would die.   It is a constant burden on my heart.  (looks down with a troubled expression)


Q.     Can you be serious for 5 minutes? ( in a loud voice, face turning red)


A.     I am being serious... mostly.


Q.   (Jumps up, lunges over table)




Q.   Sorry, sorry I lost my cool for a second.


A.   (cough, cough) I didn't realize attempted strangulation was part of the interview possess. No wonder celebrities are always complaining about having to do them.


Q.   Look I said I was Sorry (Glare)


A.   OK, ok I'll answer anything you want to know. (hands up waving in a defensive posture)


Q.   Really anything? (evil grin)


A.   Um....


Q.    How about religion or politics?


A.   …(long pause)... I think I would rather go back to the strangulation. (totally dead pan)


And that is how the Q&A ended on a not so high note.