Shortly after I wrote about my personal Pinterest page I started a page just for my company.   Naturally it has a large amount of my jewelry,  but it's organized in a different fashion than on my website.   Though I don't have everything that's on my website on my Pinterest page,  a good chunk is there and I plan on putting anything new up so if you follow the whole page or just the broads your interested in so you'll know right away when something new is available.   Besides boards for jewelry I  also have boards for...

"Crafts I've Done" -  These are crafts that I have personally done.   It will have more than what I put up on my personal page since I'll add the good, the bad, and the just plain weird to this board.

"Pictures At Shows" -  As they name says it's pictuers I've taken at shows.

"Pictures" -  These are just random pictures I have taken that I am sharing with you

"15 minute Doodle" -   Because I hand draw each and every charm I am always working on new pictures to use (trace).   Most of the time I forget to save the pictures in a large enough format to pin, but the one's that I have I'll share on this board.

"Drawing With Intent" -  Just like the board "15 minute doodle", but these pictuers have taken me much longer to make.

The boards above are the first ones that I made (that where not jewelry centered),  but I'll add more.   I would like to add a board  "People Waring Us"  witch would be my fabulous customers waring their jewelry.   It's not up yet because I have not asked for permission form the folks that I do have photos from yet.   If you would like to be added to this board just send me an email with a picture of you waring some of my jewelry and I'll add you post hast (pun intended).    I'm not sure about what other other boards I will add,  but there will be more.   If there is something you would like to see drop me a line and if I'm able I'll add that board.


Current boards for jewelry.   There will be cross over because these boards are organized by theme.   However I will not put  Geek Bracelets on the  Bracelets  board.

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On Saturday April 25 I got my first follower on my new Pinterest Page I was so excited I did a  little victory dance,  Thank you Viki!   If you want me jumping up and down and clapping like a 5 year old being asked if she would like a treat all you need to do is start following me too.