I came across some small glass bottles with plastic stoppers a while ago and of course I had to buy all that I saw because they where just to cute.



They have been sitting around the house for a few years now because I was hung up on the idea that I needed real cork stoppers.   I have gotten over that idea; because really plastic stoppers will actually make the bottles air tight plus they work grate for the Zombie Virus (who would stopper a virus with a real cork stopper?), and have made several styles of earrings using the cute little bottles.





 I'm supper happy with how they turned out.

The Zombie Virus Earrings you can buy online the other 3 (Mermaid Scales, Fairy Dust, and Drink Me) at the moment are only available at shows....  if you email me because you "need"  one or all 3 of the earrings I can make them available,  I'm just being lazy.   If you have any ideas for other things to make out of these small bottles I would love to hear them.